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Firstly I would like to thank you for reading this, thank you for your time and attention. Thank you for giving a little bit of your journey to us.

Now I would like to introduce my partners and myself:

My name is Lana, I have been on a wellness journey for the past 5 years. My story is much like others’. I got married to my wonderful husband(even if I would like to ‘kill’ him sometimes), whom I have been in love with and has loved me for the past 11 years. We had two beautiful perfect boys.

After having my boys, like other mothers, my body has never been my own again, stretch marks and loose saggy skin has become a part of my life. ;-). But that is fine for me, it tells the story of my life.

On my back I also have a scar for a spinal fusion, this was the big turning point in my life. Hearing:

You are old now, and will have to live like someone in their 70’s:


I could not believe this, I had to change my lifestyle.

First I did my rehabilitation with Ronelda Janeke, , later I joined the local gym where I met Leandri van der Merwe, @LionspearActive which helped me even further on my journey.

Five years later… many days in the gym, many days looking at other people eating things I used to love. many days crying because of the scale…

Finally I am in a position where I don’t hate myself anymore, I don’t wear uncomfortable clothes any more, I do Calligraphy and Digital Art, which is my passion.

This year I (B. Ed (FET) was contacted by our famous in-town Biokineticist; Ronelda Janeke BA (Hons) Biokinetics, cum laude to join our efforts and create a plan:

“where we lift you Up, Boost you, Support You, Carry You and Drag YOU(if we really have to).

Ronelda janeke

We would like to EDUCATE you and send you out with Positiveness on your new lifestyle and Wellness journey ahead.

Up and bold

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