Condensed Milk

As you already know we try to follow a hunt and harvest diet, but sometimes you just have this CRAVING for something sweet, at least I know I do.

It is the SWEET SIMPLE THINGS in LIFE which are the real ones after all

Laura Ingalls wilder

We tried a few different techniques and can finally share this one with you, we use this in our Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake (to follow) recipes. Just to calm the nerves and off course the CRAVING devil.


Firstly you will need:

  • 1 liter of Fresh Cream
  • 150 grams of Butter
  • 1/2 cup Stevia/Erythritol/Xylitol/Honey (To Taste)
  • Large Pot
  • Spatula


Place all Ingredients in a Large pot/pan (we used a Wok pan)

Add all Ingredients in a large pot/pan together on a medium to low heat

(Keep an Eye On it, leave it alone for to long and it will boil over, making a big mess)

Keep on medium to low heat for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Boiling Point

Remove from heat and let cool *

Let Cool

Use in your other recipes or enjoy a teaspoon full of sweet goodness

*Hot consistency is that of drinking yogurt, as it cools down it will thicken up

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Native american proverb

Please remember to recycle/



This is my and I think many of your, single biggest guilty pleasure, through all the years that I have been on this wellness road, this has been the one thing that I could not live without. My sweet tooth has stuck with me through thick and thin😂😂. I love chocolate, all things chocolate, I love this lifestyle where I can still eat a chocolate and not feel guilty at the end of the day:


  • I love the smell of chocolate
  • I love the taste
  • I love the endorphins
  • I love that it’s a salad 😋😘
  • I love that I can still eat it.

This is one of our favorite ways to eat this wonderful delicate “food of the gods”

This is our go to dessert and festive delicacy for all times of the year.

Rocky Road “Legal Style”


  • 2 Chocolates (75%or higher Cacao) We use Lindt as it is the closest to legal in SA.
  • 1 lt Xylitol Condensed Milk. (Recipe to follow in an upcoming post:😊)
  • Your choice of Nuts (We love Brazilian, Hazel, Almond and Peanuts) In this Recipe we used 1 ½ Cups mixed nuts and 1 cup peanuts and raisins.
Nuts used


Add chocolates to warm condensed milk, keep stirring until smooth.

Chocolate mix in the making

Nuts about nuts

Add this mixture to the nuts (laid out in a refrigerator safe pan)

Leave overnight in fridge and serve alone as a snack or with cream as a dessert.

The nuttier the better:

Heaven on Earth:

One of the closest things to heaven:

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Steak with Cheese and Mushroom Sauce and Avocado Salad

Hunt and harvest

Rump Steak, served with Salad and Mushroom and Cheese sauce.

This is definitely my favorite meal of all the new ones that we decided to eat.


  • Your favorite meat, (here we have Rump steak)
  • Full Cream Cream
  • Cheese
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Fresh Avocado’s (in season)
  • Fresh Tomato
  • Fresh Onion
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mustard powder
  • Butter



Cut all ingredients together, use only fresh vegetables. Anything with a label should not be in a salad.


Equal parts:

  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • Add Salt and Pepper to taste.


Heat butter in sauce pan, add onion and mushrooms (finely cut).

When onion and mushrooms are fried add 1 liter cream and cheese, let it simmer, while stirring, until the correct consistency.


Heat butter in frying pan, until hot, add your rump, season with Salt, Pepper, and Mustard, turn over and do the same. Prepare meat to taste.

Hunt and Harvest

Hi guys, I am glad to see you back…

Today I would like to write about one of the first things you need to change when deciding on a new and healthier lifestyle:

Eating habits

I know… 😡 I truly know how you feel right now… I always became instantly mad when reading or hearing these words, but unfortunately this is the TRUTH, no matter how hard you try to fight against it!😇😇

You are what you eat!”


Before I get into the facts. May I please tell you about my journey so far?

5 years ago, my typical day’s eating consisted of the following:

Breakfast: Black Coffee, with a sigaret (I am not going into this, if you smoke you smoke, if you don’t you don’t. I am just telling you my journey, no judgement🤗).

Lunch: By now I was starving, my brain screaming for energy and if I am honest, my lungs craving oxygen😔. Because of this hysterical fight going on in my body I would speed to the nearest fast food drive-thru (because it is just to much work to walk inside🙈) Here I would order, and I do promise you the following is the truth: A McFeast Deluxe🍔, Supersize🍔🍔, with 2 junior cheeseburgers🍔🍟 and a supersize milkshake🥛.

4 o’clock: Once again an energy depraved body would signal hunger… good person that I am I would listen and treat myself to a chocolate🍫, usually the biggest one.

Dinner: Alfredo pasta🍲 was my favorite, I still love Italian food, but then I would have ate a whole large pizza🍕🍕.

That moment when you love something more than you love yourself…

Then I had the scare with my back and things had to change;

This is when I learned about Hunt and Harvest

So get out your gardening tools; later I will do a post on our amazing veggie garden, where I will show you how we have combined therapy and the kitchen.

The base of this diet is that you can only eat what you can hunt or harvest.

Another way of looking at this, is to say that the more food you can eat without labels the better you will do.

Begin your Vegetable Garden. Written by J v Zyl and P v Noord.

The moment the food went through a factory of any sort, it is taboo. If you do not control what is in your food, you are not controlling what you put in your body. 🤢💩.

I bought this book on Takealot, and used it to start our veggie garden. It is very understandable with lovely pictures, where anyone will feel like the best gardener in the world. (More on this later.)

Some of you reading this will even be able to hunt for your own food, I do my hunting in our local butchery🤠. Our butchery of choice is Hyper Meat and Chicken here in Middelburg, they are a family owned business where the butchers will truly go out of their way to help you with your meat. Our favorite butcher is definitely Koos Jacobs, he loves his job completely and will help you with any dietary needs. Give them a try if you want to.

Now a typical day’s eating consists of:

Breakfast: Protein and veggies and cheese.

Dinner: Something light with salad, in the winter we love our soup.

Please join us for recipes and pictures of our daily food on this diet.

You will see we eat, LEGAL condensed milk. We make Rocky Road, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and many other lovely desserts, where we can eat and not feel bad. 🍫🍰🎂🍦

I am truly blessed to have my mother in my house, later I will introduce her to you, at the moment I am still struggling to get her in front of the camera. 👀👣This woman goes out of her way to feed us (legally) every day, she is truly an inspiration and a complete guru when it comes to food.

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Contact info

I make you the following promises:

  • I am never, NEVER EVER hungry
  • I have not been on a diet for the past 5 years, nor will I ever go on one again.
  • I am never ever HANGRY, which was always the case before, (ask my husband)
  • I loose centimeters.
  • It is sustainable… and cheaper than any other diet.
  • I never feel bad after I’ve eaten about myself or my habits.
  • My hands never swell anymore
  • I don’t drink pills or shakes (that cost a lot of money)
  • I don’t go for injections for weight loss.
  • I never have fluctuating blood sugar levels anymore, where your whole body trembles.

You CAN TRY this, it works.

If you need more help or guidance or you just want to chat, you are welcome to shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you!

Your’s sincerely




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Wellness of each, Boldly to our Own, Lifting each other Up!

Crocs and Coffee

Crocs and Coffee

It is a wonderful nostalgic winter’s morning here with us today, I had a very busy week and I am truly looking forward to a weekend where I can wear my comfortable @Crocs and drink a delicious @SeattleCoffee on which I received discount because I use a reusable cup.

The Importance of Rest for weight management

Dear Reader, the first and most important thing is that you do need rest, but as with all other things in life, BALANCE is key.

  • You need rest, if you are stressing a lot about anything and everything.
  • You need rest, if you had a hard week of training.
  • You need rest, if you are sleep deprived
  • You need rest, if you are emotionally not feeling well.
  • You need REST.

If you are anything like me, we live a life where stress is a constant companion. Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol in your body. This hormone’s sole purpose is to tell your body that it is under attack. And as with any good host your body then decides to keep all food for the time of the attack and after. Also Cortisol tells your body to keep as hydrated as possible. Therefore your body understands that everything must be kept back, water and fat.

Stress = Cortisol = Attack on Body.

Rest is very important when you are sleep deprived. When your body does not get enough rest, it produces the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin.

Have you ever ate just to keep awake, it happens to the most of us, and unfortunately when this happens it is not lettuce and salad that your body craves, it will be things with lots of sugar like chocolate and sweets.

Sleep deprivation = leptin and ghrelin = hunger = sweets and chocolates.

Then REST is very important after you had a long week of training.

During exhaustion (read Training) your muscles get small tears in, which must be repaired. This repairing happens when you rest, but the plus side is that your muscle repairs a little bigger than before. In short this means that your muscle will now need more energy (read food) to survive.

Training = Tears = Repair during rest

Lastly and I can not stress this enough, you can not take care of every one around you, if you are tired. Make time for yourself, take care of yourself. has this beautiful depiction of self love.

Are you ready for your crocs and coffee weekend?

Please let me know what is your way of resting and recuperating?

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” In our daily lives we must realise that it is not happiness which brings gratitude, but Gratitude brings happiness.” Albert Clark.

Gratitude just like happiness is only a perspective of what is in YOUR mind at any given moment.

Today I read a quote saying that we can not expect people to tell us the truth as they are lying to themselves.

For me things like truth, happiness and gratitude are very important and it is a struggle every day to find these things, but still I do it every day, because the moment we start seeing only the negatives in our life, we can so easily fall into despair and depression, especially in this world that we live in today, where it seems that these virtues are more rare than gold or silver.

My wish for every one reading this is to find something that they truly love, and may your life be filled with truth, happiness and gratitude.

Griep/Varkgriep of Influenza A

Griep /Varkgriep en Influenza A en die hele alfabet.

Elkeen van ons het al griep gehad, die heerlike 2 dae in die bed, ‘n kuggie hier en daar en ‘n berg tissues langs jou bed wat groei en groei.

Ons het al gehoor van Varkgriep en Voëlgriep en Griep-Griep. In vandag se tyd is dit nie meer snaaks nie, jy bly twee dae by die huis en dan is jy weer fine. ‘n Lekker siek-brief.  Jou baas kan nie baklei nie, as jy gelukkig is vang jy dit net voor die naweek, en maak dan ‘n lang-naweek daarvan.

Maar hierdie jaar het ek en my huis die MOEDER van alle Griepe gehad, eintlik het ons dit nogsteeds. Jy voel die dood in jou nek asemhaal.  Jy voel waar elke haar uit jou lyf uitgroei, elke spier in jou lyf is seer.  Nie seer soos ek het gister lekker geoefen en vandag moet ek die disabled badkamer gebruik nie.  Seer soos Ser Gregor wat jou oë uit jou kop druk.  Die son maak seer, dis seer om te sit, dit is seer om te lê, dit is seer om te staan.  In die stort voel jy elke druppel wat deur jou lyf probeer slaan.

Die dokters sê ons moet dit nie meer Varkgriep noem nie, dit is Influenza A.  Vir die rekord, dit is ‘n varkerige griep maar ok.

Om wetenskaplik korrek te wees sal ek dan praat van Influenza A.

Julle kan gaan kyk, #emalahleniprivatehospital het ‘n post op Facebook daaroor. Lees die comments, ek sit nie aan nie. Dit is verskriklik.

In 1918 het hierdie selfde griep miljoene mense se lewens geëis, in 2009 weer, en elke keer erken die geleerdes eers na die tyd dat dit eintlik ‘n pandemie was, ‘n pandemie is waar daar BAIE mense siek is en doodgaan.

Of hierdie griep hierdie jaar weer ‘n pandemie is, kan ek nie sê nie, wat ek wel weet is dat ek en my huis is vrek siek. 

Ek stel voor as jy siek is gaan dokter toe, moet nie jou hart oor-eis nie, en bly weg van mense wat dalk siek kan wees. As jy siek is, BLY BY JOU HUIS!!!

Vir die wat siek is alle beterskap, vir die wat gesond is bly asseblief so.

Eerste dag

Eerste dag van Groot Dinge

Goeie dag, my naam is Lana.

Kan julle die lewensmoegheid sien?

O, Vader, ek was moeg op hierdie dag, 5 jaar terug. Kyk maar na sulke foto’s van jouself (as jy sulke foto’s het, want eintlik kruip mens mos maar weg agter die kamera op die stadium). Ons lyk so VERSKRIKLIK MOEG!!

En Seer. Vir my was dit seer om te loop, elke oggend, moes ek net eers my gewrigte warm kry, al leef ek in Afrika en was ek hier net 30 jaar oud. Die eerste tien treë elke oggend was omtrent ‘n pyniging, ek het gereeld gespot en gesê ek is eintlik “The Little Mermaid”, net sonder die stem wat mooi kan sing.

Op die dag van hierdie foto, het hierdie vrou besluit om ‘n paar veranderinge in haar leefstyl te begin: 

#steely #waterbottle #yuppiechef
  • Ek het opgehou gaskoeldrank drink, en begin vrugte-water drink, my gunsteling is suurlemoen, maar komkommer, aarbei, kombucha is elkeen beter as die gif wat ek voor die tyd gedrink het.

Ek dra elke dag my water saam met my rond in ‘n bottel, en het al ‘n redelike versameling bottels bymekaar gemaak. (Ek probeer om nie plastiek te gebruik nie, my klein deeltjie vir die Aarde) Hierdie bottels is #Steely wat ek by #yuppiechef gekoop het, hulle is dubbel-wand, so ek gooi vanoggend my water in en het dan heerlike koue, vars water vir die res van die dag.

  • My dieet. Ek het nie opgehou eet nie, julle, ek was nie een dag honger nie, ek het nie een dag myself uitgehonger nie, ek het begin fokus op wat ek eet, wanneer ek eet, en hoeveel ek eet. Ek het myself leer ken.
  • Oefen. Nie myself dood geoefen en toe opgehou nie, ek oefen nou vir 5 jaar lank, as dit goed gaan 5 keer ‘n week, as die lewe bietjie druk gaan niks. Ek doen wat ek kan wanneer ek kan en ek het opreg lief geword vir oefen, en die gym is nou my happy place, want daar is nie ‘n kind, of ‘n man of ‘n muis wat my nodig het daar binne nie, dit is my eie, eie veilige plek.

Hierdie verandering was en is vandag nog harde werk, maar die uitkoms is so groot dat dit die moeite werd is.

Nampo, want ek kan ook nou rondloop

Ek het op hierdie pad ‘n paar mense gehad wat my gehelp het, mense wat vir my ‘n groot voorbeeld was, mense wat my bygestaan het, en vandag nog doen.

Ek sal graag my pad met jou wil deel, en indien jy sou belang stel sal ek jou graag wil help as jy ook so ‘n pad wil aandurf. 

Dit is wonderlik aan die ander kant.