Wellness Challenge

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Do you want to change and better your lifestyle, learn to make healthy food choices and exercise in a group where you are supported, uplifted, motivated and have people doing this together with you?

This is a unique opportunity, a one-stop service! 

  • A 16-week lifestyle change challenge
  • Exercise in a small group, presented by a Biokineticist
  • Guidance in healthy eating habits, how to feed your body and not to harm your body.
  • Educated and guided to make informed decisions regarding your Lifestyle and Wellness
  • Physiological and emotional guidance.
  • Scientifically assessed on body fat%
  •  Digital Support group on recipes, lifestyle and real-life testimonies and sharing-and-caring on our personal blog.



Programme includes:

  • Up and Bold Challenge kick-off with PPP:
  • We will have a group presentation where you will receive the following:
    • A manual with the relevant info and to assist you in taking notes
    • Presentation on the relation between exercise, weight-loss and healthy eating habits
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of FOOD
    • Assessment of your body fat%, lean body weight and target weight
    • Testimony of someone who has done that, been there with first-hand knowledge on the emotional roller-coaster and how to overcome this
    • Establish realistic goals, uniquely for YOU!
  • Digital and Personal Groups will be available to support, share and educate ONLY members.
  • On this blog we will share recipes, how we felt this week, with what are we struggling, what have we overcome.
  • Re-assessments on fat% etc. will be done on a 4-weekly basis
  • Groups will train 2 x per week with a Biokineticist


R1800-00- – For the first month, including kick-off session and exercise sessions.

R750 – – Monthly thereafter. includes measuring.

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